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Wise men say, and not without reason, that whoever wishes to foresee the future must consult the past, for human events ever resemble those of preceding times. This arises from the fact that they are produced by men who have been, and ever will be, animated by the same passions, and thus they must necessarily have the same result.

The Harvard Business Review (HBR):

An edited excerpt of this copyrighted program appeared in the Nov-Dec 1974 issue of the Harvard Business Review and has consistently been, over the years, either the most or second most requested reprint in the history of the Review. This material is, as Harvard has stated as recently as the Fall of 1997, one of the most "influential" subjects they have ever published.

Ken Blanchard on
"Managing Management Time"

Ken Blanchard, in the forward to Bill Oncken Jr's book (published by Prentice-Hall, 1984) says, in part:

"Every once in a while someone comes along in a field who sees things clearer and more accurately than others in the field. Ted Williams was always considered that kind of hitter in baseball. The reason he hit for a higher average than anyone else was that he seemed to see the ball better. Well, Bill Oncken is that kind of person in the field of management."

"... I am excited about Managing Management Time... (because it) shows the depth of knowledge that Bill Oncken has about management and organizational behavior. (While many have) known him for his "monkey-on-the-back" analogy either from hearing about it in a training session or reading about it in his classic November 1974 Harvard Business Review article... entitled "Management Time - Who's Got the Monkey?", (f)ewer people know the depth and breadth of Bill Oncken's knowledge and understanding... Managing Management Time is not just about time management, it's a complete course in management.

"Why is Bill Oncken so insightful?" you might ask... the real reason - he paid the price. He spent over twenty years as a practicing manager before he decided to teach managers. Most management consultants and trainers, including myself, started as academics - students and teachers of management behind the "hallowed halls." While we were getting our lumps trying to publish so we wouldn't perish, Bill was out there in the real world learning from experience. While our articles and books might have gotten us promoted, Bill's bruises got him a graduate degree from the "School of Hard Knocks." That is something I have learned to respect. In fact, I think Bill Oncken has probably forgotten more than most people in our field ever knew... The truths that Bill Oncken will give you can set you free and make your organization a more productive and satisfying place for everyone to work."

KENNETH H. BLANCHARD Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior University of Massachusetts, Amherst and Chairman of the Board Blanchard Training and Development, Inc.
Escondido, California.